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Niyazi Gurcan
Moscow, Russia

My sister and her husband recommended Marc. They are not only a customer of Marc, but also good friends in a short time. When I decided to buy a diamond ring I contacted him straight away. Buying such things are not so easy since you have to have a full confidence in the seller from the beginning to the end. From the first moment, he provided us all the necessary information, gave us the best professional advice. During our visit to Antwerp he organized everything perfectly in regard to buying the diamond, choosing the ring and the setting. He spared a lot of time for us during the two days and finished everything in the time as he promised. We are wholly sure that we bought the best diamond with the price we paid and my wife loves the diamond that Marc offered us. Most important of all we think that we have also gained a good friend. I recommend the service of Marc, without any hesitation, to anybody who wishes to buy diamond and jewellery.

Garrett Johnson
Orange County, CA

Marc was a joy to work with. He makes you feel good about the purchase you making and makes it educational and fun. Other merchants pressure you to make rash and hasty decisions, but Marc does none of those things. He is the epitome of a professional and I will go back to him for as long as I need diamonds. I would recommend Marc to anyone looking to buy diamonds.

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