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Des Boucher
Southhampton, UK

Having decided to make a commitment to my girfriend in terms of getting engaged, I started correspondence with Marc Daems, I had little knowledge of diamonds. I used the site to learn the basics then discussed with Marc my budget and requirements. With this in mind Marc suggested a number of stones he felt would be suitable but emphasised that a diamond is an investemnt and a personal choice.. A stone was selected, bought, ring mount selcted, stone set all with the help of Marc. The result has been a perfect Engagement Ring that Tracy is proud to wear and continues to receive admiring comments and glances. All in all this was a major event and experience for me but Marc made someting happen and I would fully recommend both He and the comapny in terms of the quality service, help and the quality of stones.

Roxanne and Jim
Texas, USA

We met Marc Daems over the internet through his web site while looking for an engagement diamond of about 1 carat. We had looked in Houston (our home town) and was not pleased with the quality or price. We discovered that Antwerp had the diamonds with the cut and clarity that we were looking for. Since we currently live in London we felt we could purchase our diamond in Antwerp ourselves! Don't kid yourself, unless you really know what you're doing and have ALOT of time there is no way a person could sort through the rif raf there and find the good reputable people. We personally met Marc in Antwerp to view chosen diamonds from an extensive list that included prices. After choosing 2 diamond we liked we asked that he hold them for a few days while we decided, which he did with no deposit. We again met Marc and purchased our diamond from him, but you must know that was after 36 E-mails (Marc counted them). Each and everyone was carfully answered with thought and honesty by Marc personally. After spending months looking for a wedding ring we are returning to have Marc make my ring! I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed doing buisness so much with one person. We totally trust him and will not hesitate to purchase stones and jewelry from Marc in the future. If you have questions, please email us. We've met him personally and I'll be more than glad to share our experience and thoughts in more detail.

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