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Garrett Johnson
Orange County, CA

Marc was a joy to work with. He makes you feel good about the purchase you making and makes it educational and fun. Other merchants pressure you to make rash and hasty decisions, but Marc does none of those things. He is the epitome of a professional and I will go back to him for as long as I need diamonds. I would recommend Marc to anyone looking to buy diamonds.

Dereck Robinson
Washington, DC USA

Marc is one of the best jewelers I have ever dealt with. I have returned to him over and over again for jewelry/diamonds regardless of what others are offering. The quality of his work is top notch and I've never seen diamonds sparkle quite like his cuts. Also, all of his jewelry is hand-made and crafted which is an added bonus. Recently, a purchase of mine was held up by Customs, but with Marc's hard work and determination, he got it cleared and released without any end all issues. Marc is dedicated and there's no one that can beat his prices or quality of work. Thanks again Marc for Everything.

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